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The Brighwood Bark - January 2002

A Message from PTA President Scott Hara

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

We encourage parents to volunteer their time and talents in the classroom and on PTA. Your regular involvement is needed to raise funds, organize special programs, assist teachers and act as chaperones.

Your financial support brings enrichment programs to Brightwood, including field trips, special performances in music, dance, theater and the arts, and exceptional experiences in science and history. Almost all of the funds for field trips come from PTA (the buses) and class fundraisers (admission cost, special instructors and performers and projects).

The next time a teacher, room parent or PTA chairperson asks for your help, please consider how much your own children benefit and say, "YES, I can do many things to make Brightwood better!"

Teachers give so much of their personal time and money to the classroom. After school and every weekend you'll see teachers at school preparing lesson plans and getting their classrooms ready for special projects and events. More often than not, if a teacher wants to do something special, the materials are purchased from their personal funds. I admire their dedication to our children and thank all of the teachers for caring.

Speaking of dedicated people, we will be paying tribute to several outstanding Brightwood volunteers, staff and teachers at our PTA Founder's Day and Talent Show on Wednesday, February 19 at 6:45 p.m. We recommend you come early to get a good seat-last year was standing room only. The talent show features our very own Brightwood students who had to audition for a spot in the program. To help you feed the family at a low cost, we will be offering a delicious dinner for $4 per person starting at 6 p.m. Mr. Barry Glick, 7th grade teacher, is chairing the talent portion of the night and promises, as Ed Sullivan would say, a "really big shew!"

Thank You for Your Welcome

A Message from Assistant Principal Priscilla Boyle

A big "Thank You" goes to all the teachers, staff, students and parents at Brightwood for the warm welcome and support I am receiving as I begin my new position as acting Assistant Principal of Instruction. Before coming to Brightwood last fall, I started my teaching career with the Los Angeles Unified School District on the Westside at Webster Junior High. Wanting to work with older children and be closer to home, after eight years, I began teaching at Alhambra High School teaching English and English as a Second Language. I left the classroom two and a half years ago to work as an Instructional Specialist at the district office overseeing K-12 Language Arts and K-12 Social Science. Now, after thirty years in education, I am still learning and enjoying new experiences. Brightwood is wonderful and I've enjoyed every minute of it so far.

School Modernization Begins this June

Improvements at Brightwood are scheduled to take place in three phases between June 2003 through approximately September 2004.

The passage of Proposition 47 (school construction bonds) will provide $30 million to match our $30 million Alhambra Elementary School District construction bond, which local voters passed in 2000. These matching funds made the construction of two new buildings at Brightwood possible.

During Phase I, the three portable classrooms in front of the offices will be moved to the playground. During summer vacation, trenches will be dug all over campus for the new utility lines and then sealed over before the start of school in September. Due to the construction, there will be no summer school on the Brightwood campus this year.

During the 2003/2004 school year, Phase II will bring two new permanent buildings to Brightwood. This work will not interrupt normal school operation. A one-story building will be in the footprint of the office and the three portable classrooms (in front of the offices). This new building will house the school office, library, three classrooms, computer lab, conference room, nurse's office, workrooms, faculty lounge, and restrooms. A two-story building will cut into the hill between the two ramps that go up to the playground. The eight new classrooms there will be serviced by an elevator. A bridge will connect this building to the current two-story building and the playground. The Cafetorium will also receive upgraded bathrooms and a wheelchair lift to the stage. The California Division of the State Architect will insure that the buildings meet the State's rigorous safety standards.

During construction of the new office building, temporary offices will be located behind the Cafetorium. By the time construction is complete, the seven old classrooms and library behind the Cafetorium will be permanently removed. The school is considering what should be done with this future open space. Principal Colleen Underwood is very excited about the construction plans. "This is cool! We are in a state of awe!" Principal Underwood is also working with the District to keep the three portable classrooms in order to accommodate our growing enrollment.

Phase I - June 14 through August 2003
  • Add new emergency gas service shut-off
  • Add new data/technology system
  • Add new restrooms
  • Upgrade electrical power system
  • Upgrade existing water, sewer and gas mains
  • Upgrade existing intercom/telephone system
  • Upgrade existing master clock/bell system
  • Upgrade existing fire alarm system
  • Move existing portable classrooms

Phase II

Build two new buildings containing:
  • 11 New classrooms
  • New library
  • New offices
  • New computer lab
Phase III
  • Add new lunch shelter to replace existing one
  • Add new restrooms
  • Add new heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Add new campus security lighting
  • Upgrade existing classroom sinks
  • Upgrade handicapped car and bus drop-off zone
  • Upgrade classroom ceilings and roofing
  • Upgrade existing covered walkways
  • Upgrade classroom lighting
  • Abate hazardous materials
Eighth Graders Create Business Models
Wal-Mart, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme had better watch-out. Brightwood's eighth graders have come up with lots of great ideas for new businesses. As part of the Business Creation Project in Marilyn Lim's 8th grade mathematics class, students decided what type of business they wanted to start and conducted interviews with community business owners. They researched what makes a business successful, how problems are handled, and how mathematics are applied in running a business.

For each business, students created business logos, print advertisements, one-minute TV/radio commercials, business cards, monthly profit and loss statements, and oral and written project reports.

The Eighth Grade Business Creation Fair, on January 22, was the culmination of four months of work by 56 teams of eighth graders. The Cafetorium was filled with the beautiful scale models they made of their proposed businesses. There were many electronics, desserts and CD/record shops - a good indicator of where our eighth graders are spending their money. Students wrote and gave three-minute presentations on their businesses to more than 150 proud parents in attendance.

The student teams presented their projects to their peers, who then selected the best projects. Ranked #1 was Bits Donuts, owned by eighth graders Sean Talbot and Brandon Iwata. Sean Talbot said he had eaten about 1,000 donuts as part of his research, but advised, "Don't eat too many or you'll get fat." Second place went to C.A. Skaters, founded by Cesar Padilla and Andrew Jimenez. Their tabletop sized store was fully stocked with miniature bikes, skateboards and clothing, which they hand made. Cesar Padilla said, "I want to have a business like this when I'm older."

Mrs. Lim said, "I was awed by the amount of thought, effort, detail and creativity evident in every project." Mrs. Lim was extremely pleased with the success of the fair and extended her thanks to Mrs. Dana Escalante, Mr. Victor Louie and the other parents who hosted the refreshments.

Memories of a Summer in Europe
By Christian Manning, Eighth Grade Student

In the summer of 2002, I was among the lucky 7th grade students who went to Europe with our teacher, Mr. Barry Glick.

We visited places in Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I never imagined how different people and countries could be until I went to Europe. People in Europe are respectful and well educated, especially in London. I learned so much history about those countries by visiting museums and listening to lectures. I enjoyed Dr. Norman Sigle's lectures. Dr. Sigle was the teacher and guide who explained history to us. He was fun to be with.

I didn't sleep much in Europe and I had to work hard at keeping track of many things but I will remember that experience for the rest of my life.

I am fortunate to have parents who let me travel and to be in a public school that has a teacher who is willing to share his personal time taking children to Europe because I know other public schools don't have teachers like Mr. Glick. So, if you are in Brightwood and Mr. Glick invites you to go to Europe, take the opportunity, and just go!

  • February 4 - Spring Picture Day
  • February 5 - PTA Board Meeting, 7 p.m., Teachers' Lounge-All Are Welcome
  • February 10 - Lincoln's Birthday Holiday - NO SCHOOL
  • February 14 - Brightwood Bucks Store
  • February 17 - Presidents' Day Holiday - NO SCHOOL
  • February 19 - 6 p.m. Dinner, 7 p.m. Talent Show, and 6:45 p.m. PTA Founder's Day Association Meeting
  • February 28 - Brightwood Bucks Store
  • March 5 - Authors Festival
  • March 5 - PTA Board Meeting, 7 p.m., Teachers' Lounge-All Are Welcome
  • March 11- Music Center Assembly
  • March 12 - Joint Advisory Committee Meeting
  • March 14 - Brightwood Bucks Store
  • March 17 - Third Trimester Begins
  • March 19 - PTA Association Meeting-Election of Officers
  • March 23-28 - Eighth Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
  • March 28 - Brightwood Bucks Store
  • March 31 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL thru April 4



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